The European Union (EU) is positively impacting upon both health and safety and environment legislation in the United Kingdom, according to a new survey by Cedrec.

Cedrec, which helps simplify and interpret safety and legislation, conducted the survey of heath and safety and environment professionals across the UK, in a bid to better understand perceptions about the EU, ahead of European elections.

In terms of safety legislation, the survey showed: fifty-four per cent (54%) of the professionals survived believed the EU is having a positive impact on making the workplace safer; thirty-four per cent (34%) indicated the EU was having a negative effect, thus making the workplace more dangerous; while twelve per cent (12%) said the EU was making no difference.

The survey also indicated that additional environment and safety legislation would not receive a favourable response: Fifty-four per cent (54%) of those surveyed were in favour of a reduction in legislation; forty-three per cent (43%) said the current amount was right; while a mere three per cent (3%) said they would welcome further legislation.

With the results of the EU elections potentially affecting health and safety regulation, following the survey, Gareth Billinghurst, Director of Cedrec emphasised the need for the UK having a strong presence in the EU:

"The concerns I have with these elections are that they are being hijacked by various fringe political parties that have no intention of working with or within Europe, or working with Europe for the greater good of Great Britain. The majority of our health and safety and environmental legislation has its roots in Europe so as we are part of the EU, we need to ensure Europe works for us and take the lead when and where we can. Our votes in this election are key to this. A national general election is the only platform where we should be considering anti-European or protest votes. Raising such concerns at an election for MEPs to represent the UK in the European Parliament are misguided, badly timed and just weaken our voice. We need to take this election seriously."

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