Accident & Injury At Work Claims Lawyers Scotland

Have You Suffered a Work Accident in Scotland?

You may have suffered injury because your employer wasn’t complying with the relevant health and safety regulations in Scotland:-

    • Or because a fellow employee made a mistake
    • Or because an outside contractor was careless (i.e. a building accident)
    • Or because you were using defective equipment

Workplace Accident Claims Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

If the accident occurred in last three years our specialist accident injury lawyers in Scotland can help you claim compensation whether you have had your workplace accident in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland.

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We Can Claim Compensation for You

If we can show that the accident was your employer’s fault or happened in the circumstances above we can claim from insurers.

What Can You Claim?

      • Compensation for personal injury
      • Compensation for your loss of income
      • Compensation for the impact the accident may have on your future work prospects
      • Direct financial loss
      • Compensation for your family having to help you after the accident

Case Studies on Personal Injury at Work Claim:

Click here for a selection of case studies. All of our pursuants received 100% of their compensation - the other side pays our fees.

Serious Head Injury Accident at Work

Our personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh succeeded in recovering £500,000 for a serious head injury through an accident at work. While our client had spoken with other personal injury law firms who were suggesting he should pay 20% of his compensation, they chose us because he was able to keep 100% of his compensation, because we knew he would succeed and we knew we would be able to recover our fees from the insurers for the accident. With this particular client, we were able to pay for all of the outlays throughout the length of the claim, funding his treatment to help him with his own personal recovery too.

Slip and Fall at Work

Corrie McLaren received 100% of her compensation after a slip and fall at work due to a leaking fridge. She was left with a significant scar that required surgery, and suffered significant loss of earnings before taking her maternity leave - a time when money is often tight anyway.

Accidents at Work

Local Authority Workplace Accident Compensation £5,750 was obtained for Mrs R, a 47-year-old cook, from her local authority employers after an accident occurred at her work. She required to lift and carry a heavy pot of soup because they failed to provide her with a blender with a flex long enough to reach the pot. She sustained an injury to her neck as a result of the accident. 

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