Foot Injury Compensation

Foot and toe injuries can be severely debilitating. If your foot or feet have been injured through no fault of your own, our personal injury solicitors may be able to help you claim.

Foot & Toe Injury Compensation

Although foot and toe injuries are less common than, say, leg injuries, they can affect your mobility and lifestyle just as much. The law takes this into consideration; after all, foot amputation can affect your life just as much as leg amputation.

Your foot or toe can be injured through a trip or fall over something that shouldn't be there – for example, an unmarked spill in a supermarket. You could also sustain an injury at work, as the result of something falling on your feet or a fall from height.

Compensation is usually in relation to the degree or permanency of damage, immobility, disfigurement or pain.

Compensation Values for Foot & Toe Injury in Scotland

Please be aware that the information below is for your guidance only. The level of compensation you obtain will largely be determined by the quality and experience of the firm you decide to instruct. Don't leave this to chance - contact Lawford Kidd for independently acrredited personal injury advice.

Foot Injury:

Fracture of the foot with rupture ligaments and on-going pain and discomfort: £4000 and £9000

Fractures with complete or near complete recovery: up to £19,000

Amputation of a foot: £63,825 - £83,325.

Toe Injury:

Amputation of the big toe: Up to £23,800

Less severe toe injuries: £7,300 - £10,450

Fractures with complete recovery: Up to £7,300

Achilles Tendon:

Injury compensation levels depend on whether the tendon has been successfully repaired. On-going restricted ankle movements up to about £29,000

Where the tendon has been divided: £9,575 - £16,000

Minor injury with a small amount of damage: £5,525 - £9,575

Maximum Compensation, Minimum Time

If you have suffered a foot or toe injury in the last three years and you think someone else is to blame, our personal injury solicitors can help. We will ensure that you receive 100% of the compensation, as our costs are recovered from the other side.

Our expert personal injury lawyers can give you trusted advice based on years of experience. Contact us today to speak to a solicitor in Edinburgh who can help.

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£63,825 - £83,325

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