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McDonalds Facing US Workplace Injury Inquiry

McDonalds are facing an investigation after 28 workplace injury complaints were launched against the company in 19 cities.

The complaints, which were filed with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration state that many of the injuries employees sustained when working were preventable. Employees cited restaurants being understaffed and an emphasis on working quickly as some of the key reasons for the high number of injuries.

The company could face fines of up to £50,000.for each offence.

Failure to Protect Employees

It is alleged that McDonald's failed to properly protect their employees before and after they sustained their injuries. Many workers stated that there were inadequate treatments available to deal properly with their injuries, with many claiming that they were told to treat their wounds with condiments.

A survey of 1,426 fast-food workers, carried out on behalf of the US National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, found that almost 80% had suffered burns in the past year, with one-third of those who sustained burns told to treat their injuries with salt or other condiments.

Injured In The Workplace

Accidents can occur anywhere, but sadly too many still occur in the workplace through negligence or the failing health and safety standards of an employer. If an employer fails to provide proper health and safety equipment or protective equipment, you should report them to health and safety inspectors. If you are injured as a result of this, or any other negligence from an employer, you will be able to take legal action and perhaps be awarded compensation for your injuries.

All employers have a duty of care to protect their workers, and a breach in this duty of care could have serious consequences for colleagues and you. Employers must provide the proper safety equipment and protective tools to treat any injury, as well as have enough first aid equipment and training for members of staff. Many workers are unaware of their rights in the workplace, with many not making an injury claim following an accident in the workplace even when they are entitled to.

At Lawford Kidd, we understand that it can be difficult to take legal action against anyone especially if it is your employer. We know that no one wants to be injured in an accident. However, regardless of if it is in the street or your workplace, if you are injured you have the right to hold those responsible to account.  Many people fear that by making a claim for an accident in the workplace they could lose their job. If you were to be removed from your position, your employers would face another legal battle, as it could be argued that your removal was an unfair dismissal.

You can make a claim for more than the injuries sustained in the workplace. When making a claim you can also claim for the mental damage caused by the accident and the loss of earnings that may have occurred as a result of the injuries. If you are injured and unable to make an income due to injuries sustained in an accident that was not your fault, can you really afford to not make a claim?

What Do You Need To Make A Claim

When making a claim, we will require as much evidence as possible in order to build the strongest possible case. When making a personal injury claim, any extra information you could provide our solicitors could prove to be vital.

Whilst seeking compensation and being awarded damages is important, it is even more important to ensure that your injuries are cared for and treated appropriately. We urge you to contact a medical professional if you are injured in any accident in order to have your injuries assessed. Not only will this give you peace of mind in ensuring that the extent of your injuries are known, but a medical report or evidence provided by the doctor will effectively verify your claim and the injuries sustained in the accident. It is important to note that you do not only make a claim for injuries but also the recuperation and the time lost through injury. A medical professional can give a rough estimation of your recovery time, thus allowing our solicitors to calculate what your recuperation time is worth in terms of damage. Any other details such as the copy of the accident report filed out in the accident report book, or the details of any witnesses who viewed the incident should also be provided to our lawyers in order to cross reference statements with your account.

What Could My Workplace Accident Claim Be Worth?

It is difficult to assess instantly what your personal injury claim could be worth as every claim is unique and every case is different. Our team of skilled solicitors will be able to use their extensive knowledge of the law and their experience from previous cases to give our clients the best advice based on their situation, and a rough estimation of what their claim could be worth based on the extent of their injury and how it occurred. It is worth noting that a substantial number of claims are resolved out with a court, and our team of expert personal injury solicitors will be able to offer the best advice for each situation. Making a claim can seem like a simple process, and you may believe that it is an open and shut case. However, a personal injury claim can quickly spiral out of control. Therefore we urge you to contact our team of specialist solicitors and seek legal advice.

Why Choose Us

We have years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims, and our team of solicitors will provide our clients with the best advice possible based on their situation. We know that no claim is alike, and we believe that by getting to know our clients we can ensure that we get the best deal for them that matches their needs.

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