Vibration White Finger Claims in Scotland

vibration white finger claimsVibration white finger or hand arm vibration syndrome results from regular and frequent exposures to high levels of vibration affecting your hands. 

If you are working with equipment such as grinders which vibration regular and heavy exposure can cause permanent damages to your hands and arms. 

Vibration White Finger/Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Solicitors Scotland

Symptoms of VWF (vibration white finger) or HAVS (hand arm vibration syndrome) are usually set off when your hands or body are cold or wet. 

Vibration white finger affects the blood circulatory system and results in white attacks when your fingers become numb and you may get pins and needles.  The whiteness and loss of sensation may change to a deep red flush which is often painful.

Hand arm vibration syndrome can occur without the symptoms of VWF attacks.  If you have pain and numbness in the nerves at the end of your fingers and a loss of sensation and touch this can also be caused by excessive vibration syndrome. 

You may find that you are restricted in your work and doing home activities such as gardening and DIY.

What Compensation Can You Recover?

  • Compensation for the injury i.e. pain and suffering - Vibration white finger compensation will depend on the number of fingers involved, whether there is a vascular or sensorineural component and the impact on work and daily life. Figures in the range £2000 - £9000 are common.
  • Compensation for any financial loss such as wage loss if you had had to change job
  • Compensation for future loss if the condition has had an impact on your employment
  • Compensation for your family in having to carry out additional household tasks.

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There is a three year time limit from the date you are aware of having the condition or when you were last exposed to excessive levels. Don’t delay, contact us as soon as possible.

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