Hearing Loss and Tinnitus: A Guide to Obtaining Compensation

Hearing is something the vast majority of us rely on but often take for granted. It’s easy to forget that our ears are delicate instruments and hearing is sensitive. But if our ears are damaged, it can seriously affect our quality of life. Fortunately, the law is there to protect us if we suffer harm to our ears, such as loss of hearing or a condition that negatively affects the quality of our hearing, if it has been caused by another person’s negligence.

There are numerous circumstances that can lead to a personal injury claim for hearing loss or any other damage to our ears, such as being exposed to excessive volumes of noise at work. So if you have suffered loss of hearing because of someone else’s negligence, such as your employer’s failure to ensure you have protective equipment for your ears in a noisy workplace environment, it is likely that you will be able to make a compensation claim.

Hearing Loss: When Can I Make A Claim?

Industrial workers and those who are often exposed to high noise levels are the most likely to suffer from hearing problems or industrial deafness. But regardless of where you work, if you are exposed to excessive noise at dangerously high levels, it can have an irreversible long-term effect on your hearing.

If you believe your hearing has been damaged by work or a failure to provide proper health and safety equipment, and you have noticed your symptoms within the past three years, you could make a claim. This means that if you believe your hearing was affected by where you worked, regardless of how long ago you were in employment, provided you noticed your symptoms within the past three years; you are likely to be able to take legal action.

What Can I Claim For?

As well as industrial deafness, you can take legal action if your hearing has been damaged in any way, such as tinnitus. Tinnitus often occurs following exposure to noise and symptoms include a ringing or buzzing in your ears, especially during quiet times.

One of the most common causes of Tinnitus is excessive noise in the workplace. When hearing loss begins to occur as a result of constant loud noise, it is common for Tinnitus to also develop.

If you have suffered from hearing loss or any issue with your hearing due to a failure by your employer to respect the duty of care they owe to you, you will be able to make a claim.

Making a Successful Claim: What Do I Need?

There has been a rise in the number of hearing loss claims in the UK, suggesting that employers have been failing to protect their employees against damage being caused to their hearing. If you have suffered a loss of hearing or a condition affecting your ears, either because you have been exposed to excessive noise volumes or not properly equipped with protective gear, you can hold those responsible to account by making a claim.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you get the compensation and closure you deserve. Like any personal injury claim, it is important to provide as much detail as possible so that your solicitor can build a strong case on your behalf.

At Lawford Kidd, our industrial deafness and hearing loss solicitors will require the basic details about how your hearing was lost, such as when you first noticed it and whom you think is responsible. We may also require testimonies from witnesses and relevant contact details so that we can verify your claim.

A hearing loss claim must show that you have suffered a loss of hearing through exposure to noise. Therefore, we urge you to contact your GP in order to have your account verified by a medical professional. This will solidify your claim and show that your case is genuine.

Evidence can also be shown if you maintain a diary on how quickly your hearing has declined and any of the issues that you experienced as a result of your hearing getting worse. This can prove exceptionally useful in providing evidence to the court and building a case around certain dates and times.

No Win, No Fee Solicitors

At Lawford Kidd, we work on a no win, no fee basis meaning that if you are unsuccessful in obtaining damages you will not be charged for any of the legal advice and representation you received. This ensures that regardless of your financial circumstance, you will not need to pay any legal fees if you do not obtain compensation. No win, no fee was brought in to enhance access to justice, and we believe strongly in getting the compensation for our clients that they deserve.

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If you require advice on making a claim for hearing loss or Tinnitus, get in touch with our no win, no fee personal injury solicitors using our online contact form. You can also arrange a callback time that is suitable for you, or call our solicitors on 01312255214. Our solicitors will represent you with the professionalism and the seriousness your case deserves.

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