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Head or Brain Injury Claims in Scotland

head injury claimHead and brain injury cases generally involve injuries to you or your loved one that will have a potentially horrendous impact on you, them and your whole family.

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Catastrophic injuries such as these will generally be either direct injury to the brain or head; or to the spinal chord. These injuries can lead to either complete or partial paralysis(for example tetraplegia or paraplegia); or to direct brain damage affecting your ability to function properly  in an everyday  way; for example affecting your speech or understanding.

It can affect your cognitive functioning(making choices and taking decisions) and leave you with significant difficulty with your memory;your behaviour, including complete personality change. It can leave the injured person behaving aggressively or violently towards their loved ones and family.

Head/Brain Injury Compensation Values in Scotland

Below is some information on the range of compensation claim values associated with head and brain inury compensation claims in Scotland and includes only the 'pain and suffering' amount, not loss of wages or other amounts you may be entitled to claim. This information is for guidance only but please be aware that the value you obtain will largely be determined by the quality and knowledge of the firm acting on your behalf. Please don't leave such an important decision to chance.

Very Severe Brain Damage: £214,350 - £307,000

Moderately Severe Brain Damage: £166,500 - £214, 350

Moderate Brain Damage -There are three sub-categories here:

Moderate/severe reduction in intellect, a change in the persons personality, detrimental effect to the senses and no prospect of employment: £114,100 - £166,500

Moderate/modest reduction in intellect, the sufferers ability to work is greatly reduced or removed and there is a risk of epilepsy: £69,000 - £114,100

Negative effect on memory and concentration and the sufferer’s ability to work is reduced: £32,725 - £69,000

Minor Head Injury: £1,675 - £9,700

Paralysis Compensation:

Tetraplegia/Quadriplegia: £246,750 - £307,000

Paraplegia: £166,500 - £216,000

Psychological Injury:

In severe cases up to £88,000 will be given.

For minor psychological damage where there is temporary anxiety and between £1170 and £4450;

Where there are on-going problems but a good prognosis the figure can be £4,450 to £14,500.

Head/Brain Injury Solicitors in Scotland

Our expert personal injury lawyers know this and we are used to looking after injured people and their families who have to go through great difficulties  in adjusting and coping.

We will arrange to have your injuries assessed by appropriate medical consultants including brain surgeons (neurologists and neurosurgeons) and neuropsycholgists. We will identify exactly how you have been damaged and affected and we will establish what needs to be done medically to assist you and your family in your recovery and care.

We will have you seen and assessed in your own house, or at hospital, to establish your care needs. We will ensure that that care is provided  to you and will source this for you, over and above NHS treatment, privately. We will ensure that the injured person gets the sort of physical and psychological medical care they need.

To do this, we will seek early and substantial interim payment awards from the court to help fund that care  and medical treatment privately and we will seek to recover the cost of that treatment as part of your claim.

Any settlement of your claim will ensure that  the cost of any treatment, support and care needed in future is fully funded and paid for.

Case Study:
In one of our recent brain injury case successes, the Pursuer was pursuing compensation for a car accident injury. The Pursuer, who was in the rear seat, sustained brain injury and epilepsy after the vehicle crashed into a bridge. It was a lengthy case; the court action took four years to resolve with highly contentious litigation. The case was resolved by our road traffic accident solicitors in 2013, with a weighty pay out for our client.

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