Impairment of Senses

The value of any compensation claim in Scotland for impairment of your senses can be significant. This can include the following impairments or injuries:-

  • Blindness
  • Eye injury
  • Facial injury
  • Hearing injury
  • Jaw injury
  • Sight
  • Smell or taste

Compensation Values for Impairment of Senses in Scotland

Below is information on the range of compensation values which can be achieved for those who have suffered injuries to sight, hearing or smell. Please remember that the information is for guidance only and the values actually achieved will largely be determined by the quality of the solicitor you decide to instruct and that these amounts don't include any additional claim amounts such as loss of wages.

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Blindness & Eye Injury:

Total blindness: £204,250

Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the other eye between:£73,000 - £136,700

Total loss of one eye: £41,675 - £50,000

A minor impairment of vision in one eye: £3,000 - £6,650

Minor eye injury with full recovery in a few weeks up: £1,675 - £3,000.

Case Study:

Our expert injury solicitors were instrumental in the highest reported award for damages for an injured golfer in Scotland, at £400,000. In this highly publicised personal injury case, Mr Phee sued both the golfer, Mr Gordon, and Niddry Castle Golf Club after losing his left eye due to a stray shot in a golfing accident. The case was appealed to the Appeal Court in Edinburgh and thereafter to the Supreme Court in London, before being abandoned in June 2013.

Following the case, the Scottish and Welsh Golf Unions issued guidance notes on the use of warning notices on golf courses. Golf insurers have used this case to encourage golfers to take out golf insurance.

Facial Injury

Substantial disfigurement and substantial scarring: £36,800 - £74,000

Visible scarring: £13,650 - £22,875

Less visible scarring: up to £10,450.

Hearing Injury:

Total deafness: £69,000 - £83,325

Severe tinnitus: Up to £34,600, depending on the extent of the hearing loss.

Jaw Injury:

Fracture of the jaw where recovery is complete but initial immobilisation was: £4,900 - £6,650

Multiple fractures with prolonged treatment including severe pain and effect on eating: £23,175 - £34,600.

Sight Injury:

Minor injury affecting sight where there is recovery in a few weeks: £1,675 - £3,000

Minor eye injuries such as being struck in the eye or exposed to fumes or smoke: £3,000 - £6,650

Loss of sight in one eye with reduced vision in the remaining eye can attract an award of £73,000 to £136,700.


Injury involving impairment of smell and taste where there is a significant and permanent impact: £20,000 to £25,000.

Temporary loss of smell or taste with a recovery in a year or two: £1000 to £5000

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