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Woman Takes Legal Action Following Slip in London Gastropub

A HR representative who sustained a fractured wrist after tripping over a rope outside of a pub in London.

Following the incident, Carmen Mazo, suffered an injury as a result of her fall in the Notting Hill area. As well as suffering pain due to the incident, she also claims that the accident destroyed her career and resulted in her having unsightly scars and post-traumatic arthritis. Furthermore she also claimed that the incident had a devastating impact on her mental health and social life.

The legal action currently being sought by Mazo comes despite the claimant having already taken legal action. In 2013, Mazo was awarded £156,871 at Central London county court after she sued the pub’s operators and they admitted liability for the accident. However, she has been given permission to appeal against the amount she was awarded as she believes that she is entitled to a significantly larger sum.

Mazo claimed that she earned roughly £700 a day, however, she was unable to work for a number of months. Furthermore, after returning to her job, she left after three years due to the injury. She claims that if she were to seek a new role, she would be at the bottom of the career ladder due to her time out as a result of the injury. She stated that as a result of the incident she was likely to mood swings and struggled with her social life.

Speaking in court she said: “‘The fact that I have been left with major scarring on my wrist, which to an unsympathetic observer might look like I am prone to self-harm, is very distressing for me.

“My career has always been my refuge to block away unpleasant circumstances in my personal life, but now I am finding that because of a bartender’s irresponsibility I could end up with no career or purpose in life.”

Slips, Trips and Falls: Making a Personal Injury Claim

Sadly, slips, trips and falls are some of the most common types of injuries sustained in the UK, with thousands of people injured each year. Making a personal injury claim can be difficult, especially if there is no liability admitted by the defendant. In order to make a personal injury claim it is vital to have as much evidence as possible to support your claim. Such evidence such as where, when and how the incident occurred is vital however, further evidence could also be provided. To make a personal injury claim you may require to provide:

  • A medical report
  • Photographic evidence or CCTV evidence
  • Witness statements regarding the incident
  • Contact details of witnesses who saw the accident

When making a personal injury claim it can be difficult to know exactly what your claim could be worth. However, it is possible to claim for more than just the injuries. You can claim for loss of income if your injury left you unable to work, any damage to property or any rehabilitation costs or medical expenditure. If you wish to claim for more than your injuries, you may also need to provide evidence to support your claim, such as a bank balance proving loss of income.

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